Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Academic Reviews of Vinyl: A History of the Analogue Record

So far the academic reviews of Vinyl have been reassuringly positive. The first came from Les Gofton in THE in Feburary 2013. He states that ‘The book’s aim is beautifully realised’. He’s also kind enough to say ‘Hats off, then, to the excellent Richard Osborne for producing a thoroughly engaging and enjoyable romp through the musical history of polyvinyl chloride’ and to conclude ‘I delight in this book’.
            Next up was a review by Claude Chastagner in InMedia, which came out in April. He states that Richard Osborne has just released the most perfect book: a history of vinyl that does not neglect aesthetic or interpretative considerations, but focuses also on hard facts, and pays attention to technology, and economics’.
            More recently there has been a review by Sam Popowich in CAML Review. He’s slightly more critical, arguing that there should have been more Adorno and Benjamin, but is ultimately in favour of the book, calling it ‘a concise, readable, and well-researched historical study of the vinyl record’ and stating that it will be ‘an excellent addition to large public libraries as well as academic institutions that teach popular music and the history of recorded music’.

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